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Twitter is a great place to get news, chat and spend hours and hours every day chatting with strangers around the world in 280 characters. Needless to say, if you’re not careful about how you use Twitter, it’s going to eat up all your free time that you could have spent doing something productive. Whether for that reason or another reason, if you are wondering how to delete a Twitter account, this is the right article for you. In this article, I will show you how to delete your Twitter account once and for all:

Delete your Twitter account

While thinking about deleting your Twitter account is a good first step, doing it is actually not as simple as it sounds. I mean, losing your Twitter account deletion will mean that you will lose all your tweets along with your followers you’ve acquired over the years. This is why, for some people, it makes more sense to put a restriction on their use of Twitter instead of deleting the account itself.. Keeping that in mind, in this article, we are going to show you how you can not only permanently delete your Twitter account but also follow some steps to check your Twitter craze.

Permanently deleting your Twitter account

Permanently deleting your Twitter account is quite simple as you will see for yourself. Please note that you can delete your Twitter account from the app and website. I’ll show you the two processes so you can perform the Twitter delete no matter what device you’re using:

Observation: Twitter uses the word Disable instead of Delete. But both mean the same thing in this case.

1. Permanently deleting your Twitter account in the app

  1. First, launch the twitter app and tap your profile icon. Here, tap on “Settings & Privacy”.

2. now click on the Account tab and scroll down to find the option “Deactivate your account” option. Tap on it.

twitter disable your account option3. On this page, Twitter will show you some information about the process that you can read if you want. Once finished, tap the red “Disable” button. Now, just re-enter your password and tap the disable button to complete the process.

confirm deactivation in twitter app

2. Permanently deleting your Twitter account on the web

  1. Go to Twitter and login with your credentials. Now, click on your profile icon and then click on “Settings & Privacy”.

twitter site settings and privacy option

2. On the “Account” tab scroll down to find the “Deactivate your account” option and click on it.

twitter web disable your account option

3. Again, Twitter will give you some relevant information that you can read. after you finish click the Disable button.

Twitter opt-out option on the web

4. This will ask for your password. Re-enter your password and click the Deactivate button to authorize the deletion of the account.

Twitter Opt-Out Confirmation Screenshot

Whether you use the app route or the web route, the result will be the same. Please note that Twitter offers a 30-day grace period before your account is permanently deleted.. If you change your mind, just log back into your Twitter account as you usually do, and that will stop the deletion process. This is yet another attempt to keep you logged in, as companies like Twitter and Facebook know that it’s one thing to delete your account and another to have the self-control to keep logging in for the next 30 days.

Managing your Twitter habits

If you don’t want to lose all your tweets and followers and just want to control your Twitter usage so you don’t waste too much time on the service, you can take some steps that can help you manage your Twitter habits.

1. Use Screen Time to manage your Twitter habits on iOS devices

The new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 can help you manage your Twitter habits. With the help of this feature, you can set time limits on individual apps. So, in theory, you can put a time limit on twitter usage and follow it to keep it under control. If this is something that interests you, this is how you can use Screen Time to manage your habits on iOS devices:

  1. First, open the Settings app and tap “Screen Time”.

screen time option in iOS settings2. Here, tap “iPhone” to see a detailed analysis of using your iPhone. Here, tap on Twitter to set a limit.

access individual apps in screen time

3. Here, tap the “Add limit” button and select the time duration you want to use Twitter for. After selecting the time limit, tap the Add button in the “upper right” corner to add the time limit.

adding a limit on twitter on screen time

Your limit is set and whenever you go over that limit, Screen Time will remind you of it, blocking you from the app and making the app icon greyed out. Nonetheless, note that you can easily bypass the limit by tapping the “Skip limit” button. So it will be a test of your willpower not to ignore the limit.

screen time notification to reach time limit

Use Digital Wellbeing to Manage Your Twitter Habits

Like Screen Time on iOS, you can use Digital Wellbeing on compatible Android Pie devices to set a time limit on apps. If you have a compatible device, you can use this feature to limit Twitter. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. First, open the Settings app and tap on the “Digital Wellbeing” option. Here, tap on the Dashboard.

Accessing Digital Wellbeing on Android Pie

2. Now, find Twitter in the list and tap on it, and then tap App Timer.

screen time panel showing individual app usage

3. From the drop-down menu, you can select the time you want to allocate for Twitter use.

adding timers in digital wellness

After setting this, Digital Wellbeing will not only remind you before exceeding your allowance, it will also block you from the app. The only way to use Twitter back is by going to the Settings app and removing the time limit.

screenshot showing twitter blocked by digital wellness

Third-party apps to set time limit for Twitter on Android devices

While Digital Wellbeing is a powerful tool for managing your Twitter habits, unfortunately, it’s only available on a very small number of supported devices. Thankfully, there are several third party apps that can help you get the same results. If you own any device other than an iPhone or Pixel, these are the apps that can help you reduce your Twitter usage:

1. Stay focused

Stay Focused is an app designed to improve your self-control by restricting the use of distracting apps, which in this case is Twitter. The app allows you to completely block the Twitter app after a certain time of use or just block your notifications. Notification blocking is really nice and can really help you manage your Twitter usage. There is also a feature called “Profiles” which allows you to create multiple profiles and set the lock status for them. For example, you can create a work profile that blocks Twitter and any other distracting apps you want. If you can’t stay away from Twitter, definitely try this app.

keep focus on home and usage screens

Install: (FreeIn-App Purchases)

2. Your time

Your Hour markets itself as a phone anti-addiction app and can help you curb your Twitter addiction. The app provides an overview of phone usage and allows you to block certain apps and set usage limits. The app also provides daily and weekly reports which are really helpful to understand your usage pattern.. You can use this app to easily block Twitter based on usage time, just like you can with Stay Focused. If for some reason Stay Focused cannot meet your needs, Your Hour is a very good option for you.

your home time and app usage times

Install: (FreeIn-App Purchases)

3. AppDetox

I love AppDetox like it not only allows me to block apps based on usage but also time of day. Let’s assume you are more productive in the morning. AppDetox will allow you to block Twitter in the morning so you can get work done instead of spending it on Twitter digging through your timeline. Once you’ve done your work, you can spend as much time on Twitter as your heart desires. This is a great way to work productively and enjoy Twitter at the same time. It is clear, you can also set usage time-based blocking, just like in the two apps above. That said, the USP of this app for me is the ability to block Twitter or any other app for that matter based on the time of day. You should definitely check out this app if you want this functionality.

app detox home and usage screens

Install: (Free)

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Delete Twitter and take control of your life

Just like any other social media service, Twitter can help you a lot if you know how you are using the service. However, instead of using a service productively, most of us spend hours and hours just wasting hours. If you’ve fallen into this trap, the steps above can help you regain control of your life.

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