How to Enable/Disable Website Coloring in Safari on iOS 15

iOS 15 introduced a number of features that can have a polarizing effect on iPhone users. While some features can be really useful, some can seem quite controversial. The changes also extended to the Safari browser, making room for a redesign. While Safari extensions and the new tab arrangement seem like useful changes, there are a few that might not make people happy. The placement of the URL address bar at the bottom of the interface and the site’s coloring options are examples of this. After complaints from all quarters, Apple decided to give users more control and so we can now choose to keep the ones we like. If website coloring is one of the features you prefer to keep off, read on.

How to disable/enable website coloring on iPhone, iPad

Before we go through the quick steps you need to take, let’s first understand what website coloring is. You can browse the table of contents to jump to the section you want to read.

What is website coloring in Safari on iOS 15, iPadOS 15?

Safari’s redesign has led to the introduction of website coloring, which will change the color scheme of tabs, navigation button areas, and bookmarks depending on the colors of the website you’re searching for. This creates an immersive experience as you browse. Just to remind you, the feature is available on iOS 15 and iPadOS compatible devices.

To get a better idea, see the screenshot below. The website coloring option has adapted to the color scheme and this is what it looks like.

Website coloring is not new to iOS!

For the uninitiated, website coloring is not a new feature on iOS. In previous iOS versions, this option was buried deep in the Accessibility setting. While it was known as “Show Color in Tab Bar”, it had the same functionality as the new “Allow Website Coloring”.

While this feature is intended to make the browsing experience different and immersive each time, many users find it less user-friendly and find it messing things up. While I don’t see the site dyeing it this way, I’m not in favor of making it the default option either. As it’s an optional feature, here’s what you can do to choose or “unselect” it.

Disable Website Coloring in Safari on iOS 15, iPadOS 15

1. Start the settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Settings app on iPhone, iPad

2. Now scroll down and choose Safari.

Choose Safari in iOS Settings

3. In the Tabs section, turn off the toggle next to the Allow site coloring option. Just so you know, the option will be disabled by default. On iPadOS 15 you will need to disable the Show color in tab bar alternation.

Disallow website coloring in Safari on iPhone

And that’s it! Once disabled, the Safari interface will no longer adapt to a website’s color scheme and you will get the default gray top bar no matter what website you are browsing.

Enable/Disable Safari website coloring on iPhone, iPad with ease

So it’s about how you can tweak the new Safari as per your desire. In case you intend to go back to the website coloring feature of the Safari browser, you can always go to the Settings, follow the steps mentioned above and press the button again to activate it. It’s a nice change of pace that Apple has given us the flexibility to pick the features we want to pick.

Let us know your thoughts on the redesigned Safari in general and whether or not you like the site’s coloring feature. Also, let us know how you feel about iOS 15. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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