How to print any document from your Android device

Modern smartphones have eliminated the need to keep a hard copy of a document. But if you want to print something, Android smartphones let you do that, and Google Cloud Print’s built-in system made the experience seamless. However, Google recently announced which deprecated Cloud Print in January 2021 and will no longer support the service. This news is a bummer for millions of users. So without Google Cloud Print, if you want to learn other ways to print any document from your Android device, follow our detailed guide below.

Print any document from your Android device (Updated March 2021)

Here, we mention a Google Cloud Print alternative that should get the job done if you want to print a document/image from an Android device. We also discussed other methods that should help you in case the third-party app doesn’t work. You can find all printing methods in the table below.

  • Configure PaperCut Mobility Print (alternative to Google Cloud Print)

As Google Cloud Print is no longer available, we turned to PaperCut Mobility Print to get the job done. It offers a free solution and works with almost all printers available on the market. Now remember, if your printer has WiFi functionality, you don’t need to create a print serverwhich we will discuss first and move directly to the next step.

However, if you have one of these old printers, you will need to connect it to your computer via USB and create a print server on your PC. That way, you will be able to print from your Android device to old wireless printers. Also, this method allows you to print from anywhere, and you don’t need to be on a local network. So, let’s go ahead and learn how to create a print server on your computer.

1. First, you need download mobility print server from on here. It is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. For Chrome OS there is an app available this way.

2. Run the configuration file and install the server application. Next, Create your account here and log in to the dashboard.

How to print any document from your Android device

3. On the dashboard, click “Select Printers”, and the application will automatically detect the printer connected to your computer. Make sure to “Publish” so that it becomes discoverable when you are printing a document from your Android device.

How to print any document from your Android device

4. Now, have you configured the print server. You can go ahead and print any document from an Android device wirelessly.

  • Print documents from Android smartphone

1. Go ahead and download the PaperCut Mobility Print app (Free) on your Android smartphone.

2. Open the app, tap the first option and make sure activate the “Mobility Print” service. Also, tap on the second option and keep the notification on.

How to print any document from your Android device

3. Now open any application and print documents with ease. For example, open Chrome and tap the 3-dot menu and select “Share”. Then choose “Print” from the bottom menu.

Print documents from Android device with PaperCut Mobility Print

4. It will open a print page where you need to tap the drop down menu at the top. Then it will automatically scan and load all the printers you have published. If you don’t see PaperCut printers, tap “Show all printers” and add “Mobility Printing”. Finally, ifselect the printer and tap the “Print” button.

Print documents from Android device with PaperCut Mobility Print

5. That’s all. you will get a notification saying “Print successful”. If you are printing from outside your network, you will have to enter the username and password to start the print job remotely.

You can also use the official printer app of the specific printer you have to print a document or image over WiFi. It is an excellent and easy way for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of manually adding printers through Google Chrome. Firstly, you will have to download your printing company’s app or print service plug-in which enables the printer from the Android print menu.

Official printer app

In my case, as you can see, I downloaded the Kyocera application. You can browse apps from different printer manufacturers on the Play Store. We have listed some of the most popular ones here for your convenience:

After installing the appropriate application for your printer, be sure to connect your android device and printer to the same WiFi network. Then the app will automatically detect the printer and you can easily print the document from your Android device.

  • Using a USB cable or Bluetooth

You can even connect your Android phone to the printer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. However, you will need a printer that supports both parameters. All latest Android phones support USB connection with printers. But, if you are using an older device, you will have to download a 3rd party application like PrinterShare (Freeoffers in-app purchases) to connect to a USB printer.

During our testing, we were unable to connect any of our phones to the printer via a USB cable, so we decided to use PrinterShare to establish a connection. For that, you will first have to enable application access to print services by going to “Settings -> Printing”. Once activated, the apps allow you to connect to compatible printers via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Cloud Print or remotely. The app may ask you to download relevant drivers, so please do that too.

Using a USB cable or Bluetooth

Observation: To connect your phone to a printer via USB, you need to have a USB 2.0 printer cable and USB OTG. They are readily available in online and offline stores.

  • Purchase the AmazonBasics USB 2.0 cable: $7.99
  • Buy OTG cable: $8.99

Have you tried printing from your Android smartphone?

I loved using Google Cloud Print as it was natively integrated into Android. With the service shutting down and joining Google’s long list of dead products and services, there’s no choice but to look for alternatives. I suggest you try PaperCut Mobility Print or PrinterShare as a replacement.

Also, for a complete solution, I recommend using your printer’s official app. These are certainly the best ways to print any document or image directly from your Android smartphone. So if you’ve never tried to print from your Android device, you should! Let us know if you have any problems as we are always available to help.

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