How to redownload Fortnite on iPhone after Apple ban

following the Huge disagreement between Apple and Epic Games Due to iOS App Store policies, the Cupertino-based company banned Fortnite. The sudden ban of the popular battle royale game on the App Store not only sparked the long-running monopoly debate, it also made lovers of the game (sort of) go wild. If you are one of them longing for the return of battle royale gameAll is not lost as you can still redownload Fortnite on your iPhone and iPad after Apple’s ban.

How to Install Fortnite on iOS and iPadOS After Ban

Before starting with the steps, remember that you will have the option to redownload Fortnite on your iOS device only if you have installed this game at least once on your device before. If you have not done so, you will not be able to re-download the game on your iOS device. Sorry to say, but that’s the rule of this tip! With all that said, it’s time to get started.

Observation: We also covered a guide on how to install Fortnite on Android devices after the Play Store ban. It is not necessary for the game to work on Android as it does on iOS. If you have an Android device, check it out.

  1. To throw app store on your iOS or iPadOS device.

2. Now tap your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.

tap your profile picture

3. Then choose the bought option.

Tap Purchased

4. Then select My shopping.

Click on My Purchases

5. Then search for Fortnite in the search bar.

Search for Fortnite on the App Store

6. Once you’ve found it, tap on the download button next to Fortnite.

Redownload Fortnite on iPhone or iPad

Voila! The battle royale game will start to download again on your device. Once the game is re-downloaded on your device, play it normally.

When will Fortnite return on the Apple App Store?

Apple removed Fortnite after Epic rolled out direct payments that bypassed Apple’s in-app purchase system, especially the 30% commission.

After the ban, Epic retaliated with a lawsuit claiming Apple violates antitrust law by taking full control of the iOS platform. It also charged that Apple’s contracts and standards documents contain restrictive clauses that prevent developers from presenting attractive offers and also force them to accept its payment options.

While Apple placed all the blame on Epic Games, branding the unilateral action as the “violation” of Apple’s rules, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney called Apple’s response that led to Fortnite’s removal “misleading.”

Looking at the current scenario, it is difficult to predict exactly when Fortnite will return to the iOS App Store, as both parties seem to be firmly in their position. Until then, you can make this tip (as long as it fits the rule) to get Fortnite on your iOS device.

Install Fortnite on iPhone/iPad After being banned from the App Store

So this is how you can get Fortnite on your iOS device. As I said above, this tip is strictly restricted to those who have already installed the game before.

If you are a totally new player, I recommend you to wait some time until the battle between Apple and Epic Games is over. In the meantime, you can try some of the equally exciting Fortnite alternatives to fill the void.

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