How to see who viewed your Instagram profile (2022)

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today, with over a billion monthly active users logging in daily to check out images/videos posted by friends, family or their favorite celebrities. While there is a large population of Instagram users who post things on a daily basis, there are some who just lurk around without posting much or use the platform as a means of stalking other users. If you’re an avid Instagrammer with a public profile, chances are you’ve asked yourself ‘Can I see who views my Instagram profile?’ more times than you’d like to admit. So, how to track who sees your Instagram account? Can you keep a tab on your Insta tracker? Let’s find out.

How to see who sees your Instagram profile (2022)

Well, to be precise, there is no direct way for you to check who views your Instagram page. Instagram does not have a built-in feature to allow users to check who has viewed their profile and there’s a very good reason behind it – user privacy. Instagram, owned by Facebook, has all the data it needs to verify who has viewed your profile, but will not share it with you because it could lead to a significant drop in user engagement on the platform.

Why do you ask? Well, as a significant number of Instagram users spend their time just checking other profiles without posting anything on their own profile, if Instagram releases data about their activity, there is a very high chance that they will stop using the app, which it’s definitely bad for business. Even if these users don’t engage with others on Instagram, they still consume the same number of ads as everyone else, and if called upon for their activities, they may stop using the platform altogether.

Using third-party apps to see who has viewed your Instagram profile

So, are there any third-party apps you can use to see who has viewed your Instagram profile? Yes, there are an absolute ton of apps on both the App Store and Play Store that will make you believe that you can see who views your Instagram account and find your Insta stalkers by giving them access to your Instagram account. But, do they work? Definitely not.

1. SocialView for Instagram

SocialView for Instagram is one of the iPhone apps that claims to be able to show who has viewed your Instagram profile. However, if you go through the reviews on the app page, you will find that it doesn’t really work.

2. Profile+

Profile+ is another app that says it can show you who views your Instagram profile. However, this app doesn’t work either. In fact, it tries to make you pay to unlock features like ‘who viewed my Instagram profile’ even though it doesn’t work. The app simply shows you a list of users you’ve blocked, something you can see on the official Instagram app anyway.

insta profileplus app

3. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Follower Analyzer is another app that claims it can show you who views your Instagram profile, when in reality it doesn’t.

These apps just pretend to work and show a list of random instagram usernames that keep changing every time you open apps to make users feel like they’re doing something. More importantly, these apps run the risk of being a major threat to privacy as they collect all your account data as soon as you log in with your Instagram account and give access to the data.

Also, you can even get your account banned using these apps, so it’s best not to trust third-party apps to see your Instagram stalkers.

Why don’t third-party apps work?

The most compelling reason behind why these apps don’t work is pretty straightforward. from Instagram data policy clearly states that shares only a user’s name, Instagram username and bio, profile picture and email address with third-party applications that have not been verified by the company. Also, Instagram’s Graph API, which was introduced earlier this year, is much more restrictive than the older Instagram API platform, which means that apps that have not been approved by Instagram to use the API lose the ability to access the API completely. So now that third-party apps are out of the question, how can you see who has viewed your Instagram profile?

Observation: There are many scammers out there who claim they can tell you who viewed your Instagram profile in exchange for money or sometimes asking for your account credentials. Beware of these false claims and don’t pay random people money in hopes of gaining access to information that Instagram simply won’t let anyone see.

Using Instagram Stories/Highlights to see who sees your Instagram profile

Even though Instagram doesn’t give users access to a feature with which they can check who is visiting their profiles, it does have one that allows users to see who everyone has viewed their stories and highlights. The feature can therefore be used to check who has recently visited your profile. To use this feature to reveal your Insta stalkers, all you have to do is tap the profile picture icons lined up in the lower left corner from your recent Instagram stories. This will display a list of all users who have checked out your story, including users who don’t follow you.

Instagram Stories showing names of people who saw the story

This feature will also allow you to block any user you don’t want to share your stories with by tapping the menu button to the right of their username and selecting the ‘Hide Story’ option, so you can easily block any Instagram stalkers you may have. .

Since Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, you will have to check the list daily (if you upload frequently). But if you want to get a long-term overview of who visited your Instagram profile, you can check the same list in your Highlights, which also displays a list of all users who visited your profile (provided they played Highlights) .

Using Instagram Business Accounts to See Who Sees Your Instagram Profile

You can also see who viewed your Instagram profile using an Instagram business account. Have a business account on Instagram will give you access to important information about who is visiting your Instagram page but there is a problem.

Screenshot of Instagram for Business Insights

With a business account, you will be able to access valuable information about the users who visit your profile, including their location, age group, gender, and the time they are online. However, the insights will not reveal the names of all individual users who have visited your profile.

If that’s the kind of data you’re interested in, you can easily convert your personal Instagram account to a business account. To do this, you will have to navigate to your Instagram settings and Tap on ‘Switch to Business Profile’ optionand then connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page that you admin.

Screenshot showing how to switch to Instagram business account

Instagram will ask you to choose what contact information you want to extract from your Facebook page, as Instagram business accounts require users to have at least one contact information. Your new Instagram business account is now ready. It is worth noting that Instagram Insights does not pull historical data and starts collecting data only after Instagram business account setup.

How to make your Instagram account private

Now that we’ve explored all the ways you can see who views your Instagram profile, let’s talk about how you can block someone from viewing your profile. The answer is quite simple. You can prevent unknown users from checking your Instagram by making your profile private.

screenshot of public to private instagram account change

To convert your Instagram profile from public to private, you will need to navigate to the settings menu in the Instagram app and toggle ‘Private Account’ option. It’s as easy as that. Please note that switching to a private account will not affect your existing followers, so you will need to eliminate unwanted followers or stalkers from Insta individually after converting to a private account.

So you can see who sees your Instagram profile?

So if you’re wondering if you can see who’s viewed your Instagram profile, well, you can’t. The only workaround, which involves checking who has viewed your Instagram Stories and Highlights, is not accurate as it only shows all users who have viewed your Stories or Highlights and does not take into account all users who have passed through posts on your timeline. Third-party apps, as I’ve explained, are no good and using them is definitely a waste of time and money. In case you want more information about the users who visit your profile and you can’t get their names, you can also convert your personal account to a business account. And finally, if not knowing who is visiting your Instagram ID bothers you so much, you can switch to a private account.

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