How to Use a Printer in Linux Apps on Chromebook

In my opinion, Linux apps are much more useful on Chromebooks than Android apps. You get a full desktop experience and performance remains excellent. I love the fact that you can run the Linux version of Skype, Libre Office, Steam. etc. on a Chromebook without any problems. Clearly, things are looking up, so users want all the features of Linux apps on the Chromebook. For example, users want to print directly from Linux apps like Libre Office on a Chromebook, but there is no native support. So, in this article, we bring you a practical guide on how to use a printer in Linux apps on Chromebook. With that note, let’s go through the guide.

Use a printer in Linux apps on Chromebook (2021)

1. First, open Linux Terminal and run the command below. It will install CUPS which is an open source printing standard for local and network printers.

sudo apt install cups -y

2. Then run the below command and it will let you access printer settings in a Linux GUI Window on your Chromebook.

sudo apt install system-config-printer -y

Use a printer in Linux apps on Chromebook (2021)

3. Once that’s done, now run the next command to allow the server. must produce “access control disabled…”.

xhost +


4. Finally, run this command and it open the printer configuration window. From now on, you only need to run this command to access printer settings in Linux apps on Chromebook.

sudo system-config-printer

printer configuration

5. Once the Printer window opens, click on “Add” to find all the printers on your network. Make sure your printer is discoverable in network mode.

Use a printer in Linux apps on Chromebook (2021)

6. Now, go to “Network Printer” and click “Find network printer“. Finally, click on “Find”. It will start looking for all printers and display them here.

find network printer

7. You can now open a free word processor on your Chromebook like LibreOffice and can print directly from the app.

free office

Print documents in Linux apps on your Chromebook

So this is an easy way to install a print utility on Linux and access it through Linux Terminal. Yes, the setup requires you to be familiar with the commands, but don’t worry, just copy and paste and you’re done. Anyway, that’s all for us. In case you want to run Windows 10 apps on your Chromebook, go to our dedicated article. And if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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