how to use ps4 controller on pc fortnite

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how to use ps4 controller on pc fortnite : Additionally, there is the trackpad, which you may use as a mouse input if you’d like.

The PC does not have a de-facto controller only yet. The Xbox One control, and its predecessor, the Xbox 360 controller, are near applicants, but they are not universally regarded as the most”go-to” controller. And, while the typical mouse keyboard combo may be suitable to use, it does not just come close to replicating the feel of a console control.

Essentially, you have each tiny motive to want to begin using PS4 control on PC, and we are here to inform you that setting up it is not as tough as it seems.
The PS4 DualShock 4 control is usually thought of one of the greatest console controllers available on the market if not the very best. 

The mainly unchanged design since its original iteration means that many players are familiar with the control. Not just this but, by default, but it’s many, if not all, of the buttons required for controller-based PC games to operate.
That, brings us .

how to use ps4 controller on pc fortnite

How to Start Using a PS4 Controller on PC

First things first, you don’t need an actual Sony PlayStation 4 to do this. You can just go out and buy a DualShock 4 controller and start using a PS4 controller on PC without any problem.

  • A Dualshock 4 Controller
  • A Windows PC
  • A standard micro USB cable

You could also decide to buy the official USB Wireless Adaptor out of Sony, however any Bluetooth adapter which has support for Bluetooth version 2.0 and upwards should do good.

It’s also likely to make the most of the wireless use of the PS4 control on PC through Bluetooth. You will either have to get a Bluetooth adapter to your PC or use a PC with the Bluetooth operate built in, which many contemporary notebooks and mid-end or high-end gaming keyboards do.

It could also be necessary that you utilize a third party software to utilize the DualShock 4 onto a PC. But it will not take too much time for one to set this up, and as soon as you’re finished, you can essentially take advantage of the complete attributes of this DS4, from altering the lighting to assessing the battery position and even utilizing the built-in sound jack in the DS4 controller.

Possibly the only drawback of working with the PS4 control on PC wirelessly is the fact that you can not take advantage of this control’s audio jack. It follows you’ll need to plug your headset straight in your personal computer, which may hamper your trainer gambling session if you don’t set it with a wireless gaming headset.

Using the PS4 Controller on PC via Steam

Using the PS4 Controller on PC via Steam

2 decades back, Steam introduced an upgrade that enabled users to utilize the PS4 control on PC through Steam provided that the program is running.

That is what we’re here to assist you with.
Sadly, this isn’t a cure-all. Steam does not have every game in their catalog. Some matches are only available on different platforms. Meanwhile, some players prefer their matches DRM-free. In cases like this, utilizing your PS4 control on PC is not so simple and will require a little bit of work.

You just have to plug into your DualShock 4 control utilizing the USB and that is it. Better still, games will start showing PS4 button prompts in-game, rather than the default Xbox controllers.
Provided that you’ve got an upgraded version of Steam (which should not be simple since the upgrade was released two decades back ), you need to have the ability to use the PS4 control on PC once you boot Steam.

Using PS4 Controller on PC Via DS4Windows

Using PS4 Controller on PC Via DS4Windows

It is possible to use your PS4 controller on PC without steam. You can do it by using a software called DS4Windows.

Below, we’ll guide you through the process of installing the software and getting your PS4 controller to work on your Windows PC.

Step No. 1 — Download DS4Windows

Originally created by Jay2Kings, DS4Windows is a third-party software that allows users to use their PS4 controller on PC without any issue. However, since 2016, another user, under the name Ryochan7, has taken over the project. He is now responsible for regularly updating the software.

You can find the latest version of the software here: (

Step No. 2 — Install DS4Windows

When you’ve downloaded the Zip file, then just right-click and choose”Extract All” in the choices.

Later, a window will pop up asking you your favorite locations for the files that are extracted. It’s all up to you in the event that you would like to pull them on exactly the exact same folder, or a different portion of your hard disk. In any event, when you’ve completed extracting the files, you will see two documents,”DS4Updater.exe” and”DS4Windows.exe”.

The former isn’t necessarily easy, but it might be convenient in the event you’re experiencing issues with the software in the future. For the time being, click “DS4Windows.exe” so you can begin with the setup procedure and receive your PS4 control on PC working straight away.

Step No. 3 — Set Up DS4Windows

If you’re presently using an old OS version, for example Windows 7, or perhaps older, you’ll have to click the”Install 360 Driver”.

If you are starting DS4Windows for the very first time, the program will ask you that your favorite places for the profiles and settings. Again, similar to previously, it is entirely your decision. On the other hand, the default choice”AppData” is generally suggested for many users.

When you’ve finished choosing a place, another window will pop up. Click the”Install the DS4 Driver” option so that you may begin utilizing the PS4 control on PC using Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 OS variants.

Step No. 4 — Connecting Your PS4 Controller on PC via USB Cable

Whatever the case, as soon as you’ve plugged the USB cable using the PS4 control on your computer, you need to have the ability to get started playing straight away.

You ought to be able to get started using your PS4 control on PC through USB cable.
The USB cable is a conventional micro USB cable which you probably have lying about somewhere in the home — it is the exact same USB cable employed by the majority of contemporary smartphones. But for true sofa gambling, we recommend purchasing a different USB cable that is at least two to three meters so that you may play from far away.

Do note that involving wired and wireless, the latter may be better since it is simpler to use, and of course it permits you to use this DualShock 4 built-in sound jack so that you don’t need to plug in your earphones or headphones into your computer .

Step No. 4 — Connecting Your PS4 Controller on PC via Bluetooth

If your PC doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth adapter, you’ll have to buy a separate adapter. However, while the official Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock USB Wireless Adapter is recommended, it is quite expensive. An alternative is to buy any Bluetooth Wireless Adapter that supports Bluetooth 2.0 and up.

You can find Bluetooth USB dongles for as long as $5 online. Just make sure that you choose one that has good reviews so you don’t end up getting a lemon product.

Once you have the Bluetooth USB dongle or if your PC supports Bluetooth natively, you only need to press and hold the central PS button for a couple of seconds. Eventually, the light bar at the top should begin to flash to its default colour.

Once you see that, you need to open up the “Bluetooth and other devices” settings on your PC, turn “Bluetooth” on by sliding it to the right and then clicking on “Add Bluetooth or other Device”.

This should open up the Action Center. From there, click “Bluetooth” out of the three options and then the select “Wireless Controller”. In some cases, your computer will ask you to enter a paid code. If that happens, simply type in 0000.

Afterwards, you should be able to start using PS4 controller on PC via Bluetooth.

Help! DS4Windows Is Too Tedious To Setup!

Herein lies the problem with using a PS4 controller on PC and not playing games through Steam. Though you can setup DS4Windows to make it possible to use the PS4 controller on PC, the process can be quite lengthy.

The CronusMax PLUS is a controller adapter that allows you to use any bluetooth-enabled controller on your PC, or for any console for that matter without much hassle. All you have to do is plug in the CronusMax PLUS, sync your controller, and you’re good to go. But, that’s not all that this unique device has to offer.

Though a bit overwhelming for first-time users, hardcore gamers who want to use their PS4 controller on PC will love the incredibly powerful mapping and customization tools, which includes features such as controller mods, as well as macros and scripts, that the CronusMax PLUS comes with.

Click here for the official website of the CronusMax PLUS.

Final Thoughts

It is really debatable whether you truly need DS4Windows to get started using PS4 control on PC. That is because, in Large Picture Mode, it is possible to really begin editing your controller tastes, from the color of the brightness, brightness, saturation, etc.

Obviously, if you anticipate using your PS4 control for matches out Steam, then it may make sense to utilize DS4Windows. Just remember that all of the software does is choose the motorist of their Xbox 360 controller and also make matches think that you’re really using a Xbox 360 controller to perform with.
Or, if you would like things simple, then simply purchase the ControllerMax CronusMax PLUS outright.

Irrespective of what you choose, you need to be able to get started using PS4 control on PC from here out there with no issues.
There is also a problem with PS4 controls with DS4Windows AND Steam operating. That may pose as rather a difficulty.
In any event, the decision is your choice.

Which of those methods have you ever tried that functioned to assist you utilize your PS4 Controller on PC? Make sure you let us know your ideas in the comments below under.


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