This Free App Tells You Exactly Why Your PC Can’t Run Windows 11

Putting an end to the incessant rumors, Microsoft has finally revealed its next-gen desktop operating system – Windows 11. This version of Windows brings a completely new user interface, a centralized taskbar, redesigned Start menu, Android app support, and much more. more. While we expected the company to release the preview version shortly after the event, Microsoft had different plans.

The Redmond giant has released the official Windows 11 system requirements and a PC Health Check tool to let users check whether they will get the Windows 11 update or not. And well, if you’ve ever used the PC Health Check app, you know it’s basic and buggy. It doesn’t explain why you’re seeing the “This PC cannot run Windows 11” error and how to fix it. Don’t worry! A free and open source application called WhyNotWin11 is here to your rescue and will tell you exactly why your PC can’t upgrade to Windows 11. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Find out why your PC can’t upgrade to Windows 11

Before we explain how to download and use this third-party app to check why your PC can’t run Windows 11, let’s take a quick look at the categories, including SecureBoot, TPM, and Compatible CPU, that the app checks on your computer.

What All WhyNotWin11 App Categories Check

Hard floor checks

  • Core count (CPU) >= 2
  • CPU frequency >= 1 GHz
  • CPU architecture = 64-bit (Windows 11 does not support 32-bit processors)
  • installed RAM >= 4 GB
  • Storage available >= 64 GB
  • Safety mode

Soft floor checks

Other categories

  • DirectX 12
  • WDDM 2
  • boot method
  • Disk partition type

How to Use WhyNotWin11 App to Check Why Your PC Can’t Run Windows 11

1. First, go to this Github page and download the WhyNotWin11 tool on your existing Windows 10 PC.

2. Now as the app is not signed, Microsoft will block the download if you are using Edge browser. you will see the “WhyNotWin11.exe has been blocked because it may harm your device” error. Don’t worry though. It will not harm your computer, and you can ignore it.

why your pc can't run windows 11 - new

Observation: If you are using Google Chrome or any other browser on Windows 10, the app will download immediately. But, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will block the application from running when you open the EXE file. You will see a message “Windows has protected your PC”, where you need to tap “More info -> Run anyway” to use WhyNotWin11 tool.

3. As for Edge users, hover over the error message in the “Downloads” section and click the three-dot menu icon. Then, click on “Keep” from the pop-up menu.

install whynotwin11 app

4. Then in the “This app may harm your device” pop-up menu, click “Show More” followed by “Keep Anyway” to download the tool.

5. Now, double-click the WhyNotWin11.exe file to check your PC’s compatibility with Windows 11. The tool takes a few minutes to perform the check, so please be patient and wait for the results. As you can see in the image below, my Xiaomi Mi Notebook is eligible for the Windows 11 update:

Windows 11 compatibility

Perfect solution for ‘This PC cannot run Windows 11’ error!

So yes, if you have used the official PC Health Check app from Microsoft and come across “This PC cannot run Windows 11” error, then this open source app will tell you exactly what is not up to the system requirements Windows 11 on your computer. computer. If you find that TPM or SecureBoot is the root of the problem, we explain how to enable them in this nifty guide to fix “This PC cannot run Windows 11” error. We are currently working on a detailed explainer of what the TPM is and how to enable it, so stay tuned for more details. Until then, let us know if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 in the comments section. Also, share your thoughts on the new Windows 11 design changes and Android app support.

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